This photo though…

  I found this photo while scrolling through Instagram a couple of weeks ago; it caught me a little by surprise and it has made me think about the past, the future and the here and now. This photo was taken roughly a year ago of three of the students here at this school; Gerson, … Continue reading This photo though…

Back to December

This post isn’t as sad as the Taylor Swift song, in fact completely the opposite because December was amazing and I am not sure how it is already 2016. December is always a good month as it includes my birthday, Christmas and New Year; and being in Honduras just made it extra special. The first … Continue reading Back to December


For those of you non-American folk and live under a rock last Thursday it was Thanksgiving. And we got Thursday and Friday off work! As a thank you to all the foreign staff the administration put on a Thanksgiving dinner and give us a trip to Copan! It should be us saying a big thank … Continue reading Thanksgiving

Small Joys

So yeah, I haven’t blogged in a wee while as my mother keeps reminding me. I have been settling into life here in Yamaranguila. Something that I never thought I would say…I love teaching. I assist in Kindergarten and although we have only been at school 27 days these 30 kids have come a long … Continue reading Small Joys

The first one.

Okay so I can’t quite believe it is the 19th of August and I have been in Honduras for two weeks, it feels like so much longer and I haven’t blogged at all, ooopps! I will just have to do a quick run down of what had happened the past couple of weeks! Tuesday, 4th August: … Continue reading The first one.